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Hello there, my name is Marcia. Thanks for stopping by.

Feeling overwhelmed with your to do list? Are you looking for an efficient and reliable assistant? Look no further. My objective is to support you with your day to day tasks and special projects.  Can't keep up with your email or calendar? Getting behind with your bookkeeping? Need social media management? Simply need a data entry guru?  I am here to be your administrative superhero.

a little about me​​

I am a wife  and mother of 4. I consider myself a Jane of all trades, having worked in different industries over the years.  I went to school to be a Biotechnology Technician but never actually worked in the field. For whatever reason, I always ended up in Administrative and Customer Service roles.  

Besides helping you make your business run smoother, I do enjoy a few hobbies. I enjoy hiking, though I would consider myself a beginner. I love sewing, reading, taking nature walks and I absolutely love a great steaming cup of coffee. I also love getting involved with local organizations and giving back to the community.


Fun Fact!

If you happen to pass me on the highway, you might be able to catch a glimpse of me in the middle of a concert in my car. I can't hold a tune to save my life though.

Are you ready to let someone take over those time consuming tasks that are slowing you down or affecting your productivity?  Don't hesitate; reach out today. I will do a free consultation with you to see if we are a match.​​

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